Capchase Embedded Financing API

With the Embedding Financing API, your software company, fintech, or marketplace can seamlessly offer Capchase revenue financing to your customers.

Capchase financial tools ready for your customers

The Embedded Financing API is purpose built to work within the ecosystem of your customers. We enable you to offer financing to your customers inside your experience so you can increase client engagement and retention and win net-new business.

Why Capchase?

Building a new business is a challenge. By partnering with Capchase, you can offer funding solutions to your customers immediately, not in years. You strengthen customer relationships while we handle the hard part.

Grow your revenue

Win net-new business by differentiating your platform from the competition. Build a new revenue stream by earning a percentage of all funded deals.

Enhance your product suite

Increase brand strength, engagement and retention by connecting your customers to capital directly in your product.

Funding without risk

Capchase manages the operational challenges a capital funding business requires, while taking on the risk associated with funding.